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Counselling and Psychotherapy

What is Therapy?

Therapy offers a safe, supportive and confidential space to explore things that may be troubling you and affecting your life and relationships, when more help is needed than friends or family can offer. You may be going through a crisis or have become aware of longstanding or recurring difficulties that need addressing.

Therapy can help you develop more effective ways of dealing with stressful or painful issues that might have arisen recently or that you may have been living with for a long time. Therapy can effect lasting change, such as enabling stress, anxiety or painful issues to feel less overwhelming and more manageable.

Therapy can help with a wide range of situations or conditions. For instance, you may be:

  • Experiencing emotional difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, eating problems or suicidal feelings.
  • Struggling with a loss, such as bereavement, divorce, redundancy, illness or disability.
  • Finding relationships difficult.
  • Finding life meaningless or out of control.
  • Stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour that feel hard to change.
  • Experiencing difficulties with faith or spirituality.
  • In these exceptional times, during and since the COVID lockdowns, difficult circumstances you may be struggling with such as isolation, uncertainty, mood swings, or concern for your own or your family‚Äôs welfare and wellbeing, can feel exacerbated or with no end in sight.

Cornerstone members offer time-limited or open-ended therapy to individuals. Some members offer group or couple therapy.

If you would like to see if therapy is right for you, an initial consultation with your chosen therapist can help you explore your needs and the best way to meet them. You and your therapist will agree the times, fees and frequency of sessions.

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